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Pediatric DentistryIn our pediatric dentistry office, we help a lot of parents that are concerned about their child feeling okay while teething.  If you are frustrated and feeling more tired that baby, don't worry you are not alone.  When a baby is in pain, everyone in the family needs relief.  Teething makes babies uncomfortable and can make them very grumpy, have runny noses, and not sleep well, which means that everyone will be tired.  Using teething gel has been a common solution but now the FDA has issued a warning telling parents that these products are unsafe. 

If you have been using teething gel, we recommend that you stop and use a natural remedy instead.  The FDA warning talks about two specific ingredients: benzocaine and viscous lidocaine.  Both are apparently dangerous but for different reasons.  Viscous lidocaine can cause seizures, jitters, vomiting and more.  In some cases, it has even led to death but this is rare.  Benzocaine is the active ingredient in Baby Orajel, and the FDA warning says that this is especially dangerous for children under two because it slows down blood flow. This is alarming considering how commonly these products are used.

Patients of our pediatric dentistry office generally ask about Baby Orajel, and if you tend to follow FDA recommendations, you should stop using it.  If you are feeling panicked, don’t worry about finding a replacement.  We have several natural solutions that you can try.  

In other parts of the world, drug stores aren’t around every corner, so they use remedies that grow in the area naturally.  In India, for example, they use clove oil to numb tooth and gum pain.  This is an easy way to help your baby’s teeth feel better and you can find it at natural grocery stores.  They can’t overdose on it, and the product is safe. 

You can also use a good old fashioned washrag.  A clean, cold rag is something that your baby can chew on, and it will help their gums to feel better.  Your parents probably used this on you and their parents before them. If you want to keep it colder, you can put it in the freezer for a few minutes.  You should also keep teething rings in the house.  Buy several in different sizes and shapes then put them in the freezer.  When your baby starts to fuss, pull on out.  Eventually, you will find the right teething ring for your child.

We understand that it is frustrating when your baby is in pain and finding a way to ease their discomfort is top of every parent's mind.  The challenge is weighting the risk vs. reward.  With the FDA issuing a firm warning against teething gel, it is difficult if not impossible to recommend using the product. Try these natural solutions before buying any and if your baby is still fussy, give us a call.  We can examine their gums in our pediatric dentistry office and let you know if there is anything wrong that could be causing their pain.  If not, you may need to grab some coffee and wait it out.  Once the tooth breaks through the gums, they will start to feel better, and everyone can start getting sleep again.