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Pediatric DentistryAs a pediatric dentistry office, we play an important role in reducing the chance of your child needing to wear braces at a later date.   Many people are unaware that you can take steps to decrease the likelihood of needing braces.  The truth is you can, and we can help.

It all starts with baby teeth.  Your child’s baby teeth are critical for their health.  They make it possible to speak clearly and eat comfortably.  They also do the important job of holding space for the adult or permanent teeth to come in.  If baby teeth become infected or are lost before they are supposed to be, it can lead to overcrowding issues that require orthodontic treatment.  By keeping baby teeth healthy and strong, we can ensure that they stay in place for as long as possible.  This ensures that every tooth remains in position instead of shifting into the space left by missing teeth. The adult teeth will come in straighter as a result. 

In our pediatric dentistry office, we recommend that you take the following preventative steps:

  • Schedule teeth cleanings.  Your child should have their teeth cleaned at least twice year so that plaque and bacteria can be removed from their teeth and hard to reach places.  This will reduce their risk for cavities and an infection.  Healthy teeth are strong where unhealthy and infected teeth are susceptible to becoming damaged or being knocked out in an accident.  Given how hard children play, keeping their teeth healthy is essential for keeping baby teeth in for as long as possible. 
  • Buy a mouth guard.  Have your child wear a mouth guard in order to protect their teeth from being knocked out or damaged while playing sports.  Many people are unaware that playing sports are a leading reason for both children and adult tooth damage.  However, hundreds of thousands of tooth injuries are prevented every year by simply wearing a mouthguard.  Buy one to protect your child’s teeth. 
  • Brush at home.  Keeping teeth healthy and strong starts at home.  Make sure that your child brushes at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and flosses daily to stay in the best possible oral health. 
  • Stop thumb sucking.  While it is normal for babies to such their thumb or a pacifier in order to self-soothe, this habit should stop by the time they reach preschool.  If your child is school-age and still sucking their thumb, let us know so that we can help them to stop this habit as prolonged thumb sucking increases the risk that they will need braces later on. 

In our pediatric dentistry office, we can help your child to stay in excellent oral health, prevent cavities, treat infections and help to reduce the chance of them needing braces.  While there are no guarantees of how their teeth will come in, taking these steps will ensure that they are straighter than they would be if their baby teeth fall out too suddenly.